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Merging fashion, fine art and literature, in eight epic female characters from Shakespeare, photographed referencing eight classic artworks from El Greco through Munch to Picasso. Lady Macbeth in Munch’s “Scream“, Juliet about to take the poison in Picasso’s “The Absinthe Drinker”, Ophelia in David’s “The Death of Marat”, Cleopatra “The Death of Cleopatra“ by Barbieri, Portia in El Greco’s “Knight with the Hand on the Chest“, Desdemona in “The Clothed Maja“ by Goya, Titania in “Venus with a Mirror“ by Titian, Beatrice “Girl Reading a Letter” by Vermeer. 
“He was not of an age, but for all time!” said the playwright Ben Johnson about William Shakespeare in the preface of the First Folio, the compilation of the Bard´s complete works, almost 400 years ago. History proved him right and today we take his characters in order to give them a new life through a fashion lens.


Creative Direction/ Guillermo Coll Ferrari and Lazarina Kanorova, Photographer/ Lazarina Kanorova @lazarina_photographer, Stylist/ Lara Ontiveros @lara_ontiveros_, Assistant stylist/ Elsa Galán @waysoflifebyelsa, Make up and hair/ Paulina Castro @paulinacastroh, Assistant make up/ Yulia Fernandez @makeup_madrid, Set design/ Federica Bertorelli @fede_bertorelli, Model/ Paula Corchs @paulacorchs, Assistant Photo/ Yass Cherki @photographylove.2020, Mak Ying Kit Philip @philipmak0311, and Raúl Salamero @foto_arte_don_raul, Coordination/ Sara Snodgrass, 

Location: InterContinental Madrid Hotel @intercontinental_madrid

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